Programme 2024

London Meetings
11:00-16:00, with Displays at 14:00
The George Inn, 77 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NH
17 February Lindy Bosworth Sokol
20 April Ron Gillard Selected commemoratives
14 September Tony Hickey Bohemia and Moravia
2 November Competitions: George Pearson and Francis Pettitt
Wojciech Kiersten Post World War II
Joint Meetings
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20 January 13:30 Austrian Philatelic Society of Great Britain York Racecourse, York YO23 1EX
10 August 10:00-16:00 Central European Societies The Brown Cow, Leeds LS15 7AY
Residential Weekend, York
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19-21 July With the Austrian Philatelic Society of Great Britain
International Meetings via Zoom
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London time. See the Newsletter for access information.
27 January 15:00 Keith Brandon Postman’s Gift
6 March 19:30 Steven Friedenthal Czechoslovakia Machine Advertising Cancels: The First Republic Period
1 May 19:30 Les Ashton-Smith Alfons Mucha
28 August 19:30 Rex Dixon The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938/1939
12 October 15:00 Mark Wilson Fly Fishing in a Philatelic Pool: The Joy of Fly-Speck Philately
23 November 15:00 Annual General Meeting