CPSGB Diamond Jubilee

Commemorative Photos 21 – 23 November, by Bob McLeod

The Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain celebrated its Diamond Jubilee at several venues in London between 21 and 23 November 2013. A DVD containing all of the items displayed on this page is available from the Distribution Manager whose details are published in every issue of Czechout or may be found by clicking on the CPSGB link above.

Display to the Royal Philatelic Society London

CPSGB Diamond Jubilee Display Brochure
London Philatelist Review
Photos at the Royal Display by Michael Pitt-Payne

Main Displays

Pre-stamp Postmark Rarities of Bohemia and Moravia
Postal History of Karlsbad
Pre-Stamp Postal History of Košice
Postal History of Brno
Liberation Overprints and Local Stamp Issues - 1945
Zeppelin and DHL Mail Flown to the Americas
Variations on the 1963 Space Research Miniature Sheet
Perfins Used in the Czech Lands 1870-1970
Olomouc TPOs in the Austrian Period
Sokol Movement
Prague Pneumatic Post 1898-1938
Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia 1918-1920
1918 Scout Mail
Hradčany Issue 1918-1920
Charity Overprints on Austrian and Hungarian Stamps
Civilian Mail Censorship in the Czech and Slovak Lands
East Silesia
Czechoslovak Airmails 1922 to 1932
Hlučínsko (Hultschiner Ländchen)
German Occupation of the Sudentenland 1938
Slovak Lands in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Slovak Postal Stationery
Bohemia & Moravia Preferential Postal Tariffs
Liberation of Olomouc 1945
Operation Anthropoid and its Philatelic After Effects
War Hero Stamps Used on Internal Parcel Cards
1953 Currency Reform
Alfons Mucha - Artist and Stamp Designer
Art and the Skill of the Engraver
Two and Three Colour Cancels in the 1930s: A World First
The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia
Communist Influence on Czechoslovak Stamp Design

Static Displays

From Just an Apple Tree
Hradčany Issue 1918-1919
Alfons Mucha's Stamp Designs
Agriculture and Science 1920 and 1923 Issues
Stamps of the 1930 Airmail Issue
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in the UK and Belgium
Polish Occupation of the Teschen Area 1938-1939
Czechoslovak Forces in France and Great Britain
War Hero Stamps 1945 to 1948
Draft Sketches of Field Postmarks by Adolf Bartošik
Praga '78 International Stamp Exhibition
Václav Havel 1936-2011: A Tribute